Instrumental music for meditation and relaxation

The idea of writing peaceful and calming music had been on my mind for a long time. In 2003, circonstances finally led me to start this new adventure.

A collection of 12 albums of instrumental music.
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To support our essential quest of inner peace.

L'envol / A Musical Journey
Very unique in its musical approach. this one hour (of continuous music) piece, takes us into a aerial musical journey , bringing a deep sentiment of well-being and consciousness. 62:17min

Harmonie des Chakras / Harmony of The Chakras
I wrote  a piece of music for each chakras, to support the image of each of our energy center. In conjunction with meditation, I hope this will help, connect, open and elevate your life energy centers. 63min

Fais de beaux rêves / Sweet Dreams
I wrote this music keeping in mind it would help small children to a gentle and peaceful sleep. There's a story attached to  the titles

When the clock starts singing (to call the children),
Dragonflies spread in luminous circles to light up the children’s path to the stars. 
Four little sheeps climb by their side in overpasses. 
Their games make angel hair float around. 
The magical blankie is watching over these little people and gently guides them to sweet dreams. Time: 38:20

Au coeur de l'Asie / To the Heart of Asia

One of my favourites, for the colored instrumentation of course, but most of all, for the nobleness and serenity inspired by the Asian musical spirit.. I decided to blend occidental and oriental instruments to create a mixture that will transport you to exotic and luminous landscapes. 46:23

Résonance médiévale / Medieval resonance
I have always been attracted to Medieval music.  A real challenge for me, since there is no piano at all in this production.
12 original compositions, written with instruments of the Medieval Era, and inspired by the rhythms and movement of the music of that time, transporting us in a very different time. 46:19

Joyeux Noël / Happy Hollidays
14 classic traditional Christmas Carols, that bring us back every year to the wonderful spirit of the Christmas Holidays. I wrote  original instrumental arrangements, in a tender and peaceful spirit.


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12 pieces going from Ragtime (Le Ragalou), to Waltz (Valse lente, Rue Michel), to Gospel (Prière noire), bringing sometimes good humor (Un piano sur le toit), sometimes sadness (Coeur cassé, Le dernier souffle)

Gentle  melodies assembled as Pastels .

Mémoires d'un piano solitaire/  A solitary piano
9 pieces, played without any gimmikry , or artificial virtuosity,  keeping the expression to the essential. 52:45


Un piano dans ma cour/ A piano in my garden
Going back to my roots, reconnecting with my classical background, to tell musical stories, . Includes two classical pieces, a menuet of Paderewski and a J.S.Bach prelude. 55:23

Berceuse / Lullaby
As the title implies, This album suggests an ambiance of protection, an healing force, expressing peace and serenity: a message of tenderness, connecting us with the guiding world of our dreams  48:15 min

Ondes d'eau / The Waters
For total relaxation and fusion with water, following its path from gentle rain to the lake, the river and finally fusion with the ocean and back to its origin, the skies. Let yourself become the water and take the journey. 60:23

Une fenêtre sur les étoiles / The Tree of Life

An album to bring reflexion in our inner reality. A return to Source and authenticity, a letting go to expand our horizons. 63:28min


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