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You have aldeady seen my personal production, which I display in the pages of

But I also worked with other people with whom I have produced albums over the years, as well as instrumental pieces for the multimedia market.

 Près de 35 pièces instrumentales chez Intermède music, Intermède Communications, producer of music production albums of the highest caliber composed by Canadian artists.



                                                      G.L.  Chambers         

                      Bluesman, musician, drummer,   with a unique voice


Music producer and composer for a serie of albums, including a 4 CD box, and original track for the video  "Maître en liberté, produced by 

Jacques Nadon

Personal developpment Coach,  co-creator of Le Centre de Liberté d'être



Music producer and composer of the original music tracks for 3 albums produced by 

Myriam Peretz

Life and Business Coach



11 titles of Classic Country plus one original song, 

 produced with my brother Gilles Goulet.

 A very special project, in which all the arrangments were played by members of our family (plus a close friend). 



Music producer and composer of the original music tracks  for 3 albums produced by 

Johanne Lazure

Conference speaker, writer, Conscience  Awakening Coach, Reiki Master.




    About 20 instrumental peaces, of various styles, in music Librairies in

US and Europe